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This short list of what we provide does not cover the entirety of our customized and boutique services, so please contact us with your needs and we will be sure to either begin beautifying your home.
Remodeling in Boston, MA


Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, basements, and any other room in the house is possible.
permit obtainment in Boston


Whether you are building up or out, the Henry Company is ready to assist you not only in design but in implementation and permit obtainment.
3D replications of our luxury plans for your home, office, or garden


3D is not just for the movies. Our clients expect clear visuals which is why our designs feature 3D replications of our luxury plans for your home, office, or garden.
Home Creation in Boston MA

New Home Creation

Imagine streamlining all design, building, and implementation into one company, and that’s the Henry Company. No multiple parties – just one company who answers to you.

Hardscape & Garden

Custom BBQs, modern firepits, and stylish outdoor bars are a few products of luxury design and construction we can implement. Our access to garden formation is also informed by experts so that your space looks beautiful long after we’ve finished.

Heated Driveways

No more shoveling – no more ice – no more slipping. It’s hard to enjoy a gorgeous home that requires more work than necessary, and the Henry Company’s clients have enjoyed this feature more than anything in the dead of winter.

Residential/Commercial Decor & Logistics

Design is a personal phenomenon influenced by the people around your space. Taking your personal tastes and combining them with design fundamentals and logistics will give the effect you wish for you, your family, and your employees.

On Budget & On Time

Every service the Henry Company provides you will stay on budget and on time within the most reasonable bounds. Our reputation as the most personalized contracting experience possible is important to maintain, and we want to make sure you can be a personal witness to it.

Custom Collector Car Garages

Yes, it is specific, but owner Pasquale’s inspiration for starting the Henry Company was partially based around his own love and talent in building custom garages for car aficionados. We will help design and create a garage built around your collectables, not the other way around.


If you already have the multiple parties or personal knowhow to create an ideal space, the Henry Company can consult on your behalf to make sure that the implementation and logistics go through smoothly and professionally. 
Custom Everything in Boston Massachusetts

Real Estate Purchasing & Sales

Buying or selling a home is nerve-wracking, which is why the Henry Company can carry you through the process beyond with your many post-sales goals in mind.
Custom Everything

Custom Everything

A principle of luxury is that any object can be made to suit the multiple facets of your life, and with the Henry Company’s ability to customize lighting, kitchen cabinets, shelving, or anything else you can think, we are sure you will experience the ultimate in boutique contracting.